Friday, September 5, 2008

First Day of School (Part Two)

Brighton's first day of preschool! She calls it "pretty-school". The world is just full of "nanna-isms" She is one of a kind. This morning Miss Brighton decided that she didn't want to go to pretty-school, so being the just and kind parents that we are... we bribed her. Her Daddy had to take her ALONE, in the truck, she HAD to wear her super-hero-princess-cape for "tattletale" (show and tell) and after I was to pick her up and take her directly to lunch! After this was decided and the tears stopped, Brian told me to just plan on leaving early and be in the driveway at the school "just in case". He said that when he walked in the door she said, "Bye, Dad" and was just fine. Such a little Drama Queen! I don't even know what the world would be like without nanna-isms. Boring that's for sure. More nanna-isms to come!