Sunday, August 31, 2008

Off My Needles.....

Clover Tweed Dishcloth
I love this dishcloth! It matches my kitchen perfectly!
Apple Cozy - one for each new teacher :) A little suck up never hurts!

Garterlac Dishcloth - For ME :) My dishcloths are looking pretty sad.

Knit dishcloths are the best!

Just a few super quick projects this week! I'm working on a couple of "secret" projects for Marie's baby shower! Shhhhhhh!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

First Day of School (Part One)

My two "big" kids off to elementary school!

Saturday, August 23, 2008

My Grandma would be sooooo proud...

My Grandma Scott taught me how to do most things with a needle. I would spend hours sewing buttons on fabric. (She would cut them all off for me to do it the next time!) She had soooo much patience teaching me things while I was so little for them. I know she is the reason I love all kinds of needles. Grandma was the first person that taught me how to crochet. I love to crochet, I still think it is easier than knitting. It's like second nature to me. My kids are so used to seeing me with some sort of project, that sometimes I worry that they will have no interest in the things I love. So... you can imagine how excited I was this week when MiaLeigh FINALLY asked me to teach her how to crochet. Well...whatever big sister does, Brighton thinks she can do too! (surprisingly, she usually can) I had to snap a picture of their "chains". MiaLeigh is chaining with the same crochet hook my Grandma gave me when I was 6 years old. Brighton is chaining with her fingers exactly how Grandma taught me when I was too young for a hook. Everyday I wish my Grandma was still around to see my kids. I know she would get a kick out of their spunky attitudes! I'm pretty sure she is beaming with pride today where ever she is!!!

Monday, August 18, 2008

The Tooth Wars.....

This last week we have had what we like to call THE TOOTH WARS....(not to be confused with the Star Wars) MiaLeigh and Mack have had a little contest going on to see who could loose the most teeth! Well, we have a winner! Mack has unwillingly lost both of his big fat white fake "chiclet" teeth! I have never seen such a lovely space in a kid's mouth! I hated those ugly teeth from the moment the dentist put them in almost 5 years ago. He finally looks like my handsome little boy again! I was so excited I could have danced with the tooth fairy!!! MiaLeigh managed to lose one tooth this week too! It was an exciting week around the Summers' house!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008


I have been thinking about starting a blog for quite some time now. Yesterday I found out that sadly, I am the last to actually start one! I don't like being last in anything so I figured I'd better get my butt in gear and get going. This blog will be a random assortment of anything and everything going on around here. (Get ready for a crazy glimpse into my busy brain!)