Friday, November 28, 2008

Warning...Possible Future Therapy Issue:

I have no idea where she learned this. Who could she possibly know that is this freakish about ownership of a drink??? :)

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

I am thankful for...

My family. Every day they make me proud to call them mine.

My home. When you lose everything, you learn the hard way what is actually important... and it isn't the mansion on the hill. Love really does grow best in little houses.

My hands. They have provided a constant source of comfort when my body stopped working the way it is supposed to. Yarn is magic in my fingers.

My ability to find beauty in the most random things. I consider this my greatest talent.

So, so many more things too numerous to mention.
I am very blessed, even in my darkest hour, I can always find many things to be thankful for.

May you always have much to be thankful for.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Note: Of course there has to be something negative. Here it is, my HUGE pet peeve of the day...
Christmas decorations should not even leave the storage shed until the day after Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving is a very under-rated holiday. Let it have it's glory before you let Christmas throw up in your house and ESPECIALLY in your yard. You know who you are. Come on, there only needs to be one Griswold family. One big stupid blow up thing is plenty. Really, plenty. That being said, anyone who knows my husband probably knows he is terrified of heights. We are the red neck family who leaves our christmas lights up year round. (BUT I DON'T TURN THEM ON UNTIL AFTER THANKSGIVING TURKEY!!!)

Friday, November 21, 2008

Funny, so, so funny!

You might be from Utah if..... *You keep your clothes in "Chester Drawers" *You don't pronounce T's in the middle of words.(Moun'n, Lay'n)* You think a "G" at the end of a word is silent. (You comin' fer dinner?)* You know what Fry Sauce is made of.*You go to the duck pond to feed the Seagulls.* Green Jell-o with carrots mixed in doesn't seem strange.*You can pronounce Tooele.* The Y is not just a letter - Neither is the U.* You have actually eaten funeral potatoes.*You've gotten both heat and frost burns off your car's door handle in the same month!*You are not surprised to hear words like "Darn, Fetch, Flip", "Oh, My Heck" and "Shoot".*Your tulips get snowed on three times after they come up and twice more after they bloom.* The largest liquor store is the state government.*You can go skiing and play golf on the same day.*30% humidity is muggy and almost unbearable.* You know the difference between a 'Steak House' and a 'Stake House'.* You've broken down on the highway and somebody stops to help you.*You can see the stars at night.* You were an aunt or uncle before you were three.* You have more children than you can find biblical names for.*Your family considers a trip to McDonald's a night out.*You feel guilty when you watch Monday Night Football.* Your kids believe the deer hunt is a national holiday.*You drink Coke from a brown paper bag.*At least two of your salad bowls are at the homes of neighbors* There is a similarity between a ward basketball game and the L.A. riots.* You think Jack Daniels is a country western singer.*You negotiate prices at a garage sale.* You can make Jell-O salad without the recipe.*You've heard about BYU football in a testimony meeting.*You have two gallons of ice cream in your freezer at all times.* Your father-in-law thinks Ronald Reagan was a liberal.*A member of your family wrote in Lavell Edwards for president in the last election.*Sandals are the best-selling shoes.* Hotel rooms all have the Book of Mormon.*You buy your wardrobe at the local grocery superstore.* You learn about the Mormon Church by taking history in elementary school.* You live in a state where Democrats always come in third place, unless a zoo animal is running. Then they come in fourth.* Schools stay open, even if two feet of snow falls overnight, but closes for the opening of hunting season.*People wear shorts and T-shir ts if the temperature rises above 32 degrees.*People wear socks with their sandals.* There is a church on every corner, but they all teach the same thing.*The most popular public transportation system is a ski lift.*In-state college football rivalries are bigger than the Super Bowl.* You don't have to breathe cigarette smoke until you walk outside.*Every driveway has a minivan and a pickup truck.*When you buy a new vehicle, cigarette lighters are optional equipment but ski racks are standard.*Every time a new family moves into your neighborhood, the local elementary school has to hire a new teacher.*Every time a new family moves into your neighborhood, your whole family has to go and meet them the next day, after you helped them unload their moving truck.*Your paycheck has an additional 10 percent deduction .* More movies are filmed in your town than in Hollywood.*You've never had a Mormon missionary knock on your door, unless you are having them over for dinner that night.*You make a toast with red punch at your wedding reception.* You have more raw wheat stored than some Third World Countries.*Your idea of a good time is playing Pictionary in the cultural hall.*Your idea of a wild party is a six pack of Pepsi and a PG-13 movie.* You and all your friends come to your mother for a haircut in herkitchen.* You measure Kool-Aid by parts per million.*The bride isn't pregnant, but either her mother or future mother-in-law is.You actually get these jokes and pass them on to other friends from Utah.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

I'm busy, busy, dreadfully busy.....

Lucky for you I didn't put the sound of my voice singing that song. Today,I have Christmas in my head. This is the most unprepared I've ever been for the Holidays. (Having lack of funds does this kind of thing.) My Christmas Crafting List. Insane....absolutely. Impossible...maybe. We'll see. More later.

Monday, November 17, 2008

summersandco's ETSY shop is finally open!

whew! That was a lot of work! Ok, click on the link to the right (left? no, right!) And you'll see my new etsy shop! I will be listing some more by the end of the week! Cute stuff, no? Tell everyone you know! Right now... GO!

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Friday, November 14, 2008

It's about time....

This is what almost two weeks overdue gets you...I'd say it was pretty worth it. Brian's little sister Marie is finally a Mom! We spent all day at the hospital yesterday and after a long, long wait little Rowan popped out with her eyes wide open and looking around at the world. I have never, ever been so proud of someone. Marie was the calmest, and most in control person I have ever seen in labor. Even now I am puffing up with pride. I've been around long enough to see Marie go through a LOT of stages. I wasn't sure this one would ever come. I am so thankful it did. She is going to be a wonderful Mama. Rowan is just stunningly beautiful. I am a very proud Aunt Mamie today!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Mmmmm....smells like cold weather?!

Most people say that pumpkin pie smells like fall. Not me. I think nothing smells more like cold weather than homemade granola. This just might be an unknown fact about me. I love whole grains. I adore oatmeal. I will choose a hearty wheat bread over white bread every time (except one...grilled cheese sandwiches). I love wheat germ, I eat it on my ice cream. When I was growing up my Mom made this granola, but only in the fall and winter because of the oven time.
My whole house smells YUMMY today!
Go make some.... right now, it's good for you and your soul!

Mom's Granola
8 c. oats
6 c. wheaties
2 c. wheat germ
2 c. coconut
1 tsp. salt
2 c. brown sugar
4 oz. sunflower seeds
1 c. oil
1 c. water
3 tsp vanilla
Mix all dry ingredients in a very large bowl. ( I usually make half this recipe so I can smell the goodness twice!) Mix remaining wet ingredients and pour over dry mix in bowl.
Mix well. Pour onto a large cookie sheet. Bake @ 250 degrees for 3 hours, stirring every 20-30 minutes so it doesn't burn :) After it cools store in an empty oatmeal canister. I usually add dried cranberries, raisins, or chocolate chips before I eat it! I even eat this as a trail mix type snack!ENJOY!

Monday, November 10, 2008

Coming soon to an ETSY shop near you....

Carter's Crocs
These just might be the cutest booties I've ever seen. (Yes, the strap does move back and forth, just like the real ones!) This little pair of cuteness is for my nephew Carter... but there will be more!

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Okay, add it to the list...

...of things I'm just not very good at. Unfortunately the list is getting longer by the day! As usual I had a lot of things to say this month, but the more behind I got, the bigger the panic attack got when I thought of trying to catch this poor little blog up! So, I thought I'd show you the last 6 weeks or so in pictures and maybe the chest pains will go away so I can get to the good stuff!
These are actually backwards in order...(see, another thing to add to the list!)
By the way... my poor house is still in the middle of a very LONG remodeling session! Hopefully one day it will be finished enough to post before and after pictures... it doesn't hurt to dream does it?
Ok, here it goes!
Brighton's pretty-school Halloween party!

Treats for Brighton's pretty-school party.

Kellie, if this barn was closer we would SOOOO be getting our picture taken there. Unfortunately it is in Canada. Really high up in Canada. Pity.

Brian and Ben's big moose hunt. Notice the wrong date. This is what happens when you send two men alone to do anything. It's amazing they didn't get lost.

Halloween Cookies...Just the way I like 'em (lots of frosting!)

The corn maze ( for Brighton's pretty-school)

I can't believe it's already been 9 years!

I really hate snow, but I really, really hate snow when it comes the first week of October!