Thursday, January 22, 2009

Dear Winter,

It's never been a huge secret that we aren't friends. I mean, you're nice and all for the people who enjoy the skiing, cold, slipping on the ice, and scarves, I guess. Over the years we've had an understanding. I stay home, and you continue to drop that nasty white stuff to cover the dead grass. So please understand my next comment really comes from a good place. What the HELL happened? Are you ill? Smog, really??? Just smog? I know it's pretty bad air when it hits me clear up here on the mountain. I'm pretty sure I'd rather the nasty white stuff. I know it stings to hear that you are slacking, but I have every confidence that you can do it. Please believe hurts me more than you to say this. Just do it. Bl0w in a nasty winter storm to clear away the air crap so I can get on with my sinus-infected life. Please. Remember you have my respect, just not my love.


Kellie said...

hahahahah... that blog was hilarious! but yes I agree, smog/fog... what the crap.. lets just get on with it!

Trent Humphreys family said...

I hear ya...that junk makes my lungs hurt just looking at it! I have a love/hate relationship with winter also...looking forward to spring, that's all I'll say.