Sunday, September 22, 2013

Lost. and Found. Mostly.

My kids and I have grown, in different ways...these were taken last summer. I absolutely love them. I will soon post single pics and expose their personal lives one by one, lol! Once again, Kellie did a fabulous job, and it's just about time to have them taken again! A lot has happened in the last few years. Many good things and many not so good things. I will share eventually. Some things are just too painful to relive just yet. I AM going to try to post more, if only to keep a family journal of sorts. I've never been one to take millions of pictures and I worry that my kids will wonder if I even owned a camera! (Um, yes, I do...I just forget it all the time.) So...I'm workiing as an AmeriCorps member and I am in charge of a volunteer reading intervention program at Brighton and Rosey's school. Hard to believe, but Mia and Mack are in junior high now.  And of course, I'm still 29 years old ;) I am still in college full-time and my world needs a few extra hours a day! More to patient.

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