Saturday, November 8, 2008

Okay, add it to the list...

...of things I'm just not very good at. Unfortunately the list is getting longer by the day! As usual I had a lot of things to say this month, but the more behind I got, the bigger the panic attack got when I thought of trying to catch this poor little blog up! So, I thought I'd show you the last 6 weeks or so in pictures and maybe the chest pains will go away so I can get to the good stuff!
These are actually backwards in order...(see, another thing to add to the list!)
By the way... my poor house is still in the middle of a very LONG remodeling session! Hopefully one day it will be finished enough to post before and after pictures... it doesn't hurt to dream does it?
Ok, here it goes!
Brighton's pretty-school Halloween party!

Treats for Brighton's pretty-school party.

Kellie, if this barn was closer we would SOOOO be getting our picture taken there. Unfortunately it is in Canada. Really high up in Canada. Pity.

Brian and Ben's big moose hunt. Notice the wrong date. This is what happens when you send two men alone to do anything. It's amazing they didn't get lost.

Halloween Cookies...Just the way I like 'em (lots of frosting!)

The corn maze ( for Brighton's pretty-school)

I can't believe it's already been 9 years!

I really hate snow, but I really, really hate snow when it comes the first week of October!

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Kellie said...

OH AMY... we have got to get together! I cannot believe how big Rosie is getting.. and yes I LOVE THAT barn! awesome! did you go to Canada too? and those little Candy Corns.. can I give you the mother of the year award!! seriously