Friday, November 21, 2008

Funny, so, so funny!

You might be from Utah if..... *You keep your clothes in "Chester Drawers" *You don't pronounce T's in the middle of words.(Moun'n, Lay'n)* You think a "G" at the end of a word is silent. (You comin' fer dinner?)* You know what Fry Sauce is made of.*You go to the duck pond to feed the Seagulls.* Green Jell-o with carrots mixed in doesn't seem strange.*You can pronounce Tooele.* The Y is not just a letter - Neither is the U.* You have actually eaten funeral potatoes.*You've gotten both heat and frost burns off your car's door handle in the same month!*You are not surprised to hear words like "Darn, Fetch, Flip", "Oh, My Heck" and "Shoot".*Your tulips get snowed on three times after they come up and twice more after they bloom.* The largest liquor store is the state government.*You can go skiing and play golf on the same day.*30% humidity is muggy and almost unbearable.* You know the difference between a 'Steak House' and a 'Stake House'.* You've broken down on the highway and somebody stops to help you.*You can see the stars at night.* You were an aunt or uncle before you were three.* You have more children than you can find biblical names for.*Your family considers a trip to McDonald's a night out.*You feel guilty when you watch Monday Night Football.* Your kids believe the deer hunt is a national holiday.*You drink Coke from a brown paper bag.*At least two of your salad bowls are at the homes of neighbors* There is a similarity between a ward basketball game and the L.A. riots.* You think Jack Daniels is a country western singer.*You negotiate prices at a garage sale.* You can make Jell-O salad without the recipe.*You've heard about BYU football in a testimony meeting.*You have two gallons of ice cream in your freezer at all times.* Your father-in-law thinks Ronald Reagan was a liberal.*A member of your family wrote in Lavell Edwards for president in the last election.*Sandals are the best-selling shoes.* Hotel rooms all have the Book of Mormon.*You buy your wardrobe at the local grocery superstore.* You learn about the Mormon Church by taking history in elementary school.* You live in a state where Democrats always come in third place, unless a zoo animal is running. Then they come in fourth.* Schools stay open, even if two feet of snow falls overnight, but closes for the opening of hunting season.*People wear shorts and T-shir ts if the temperature rises above 32 degrees.*People wear socks with their sandals.* There is a church on every corner, but they all teach the same thing.*The most popular public transportation system is a ski lift.*In-state college football rivalries are bigger than the Super Bowl.* You don't have to breathe cigarette smoke until you walk outside.*Every driveway has a minivan and a pickup truck.*When you buy a new vehicle, cigarette lighters are optional equipment but ski racks are standard.*Every time a new family moves into your neighborhood, the local elementary school has to hire a new teacher.*Every time a new family moves into your neighborhood, your whole family has to go and meet them the next day, after you helped them unload their moving truck.*Your paycheck has an additional 10 percent deduction .* More movies are filmed in your town than in Hollywood.*You've never had a Mormon missionary knock on your door, unless you are having them over for dinner that night.*You make a toast with red punch at your wedding reception.* You have more raw wheat stored than some Third World Countries.*Your idea of a good time is playing Pictionary in the cultural hall.*Your idea of a wild party is a six pack of Pepsi and a PG-13 movie.* You and all your friends come to your mother for a haircut in herkitchen.* You measure Kool-Aid by parts per million.*The bride isn't pregnant, but either her mother or future mother-in-law is.You actually get these jokes and pass them on to other friends from Utah.

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Trent Humphreys family said...

I loved this's soooo freakin' true!! We're all guilty of having atleast one of those Utahn attributes.